New Goodwill “Buy The Pound” Store In St. Louis

When I started following a blogger named Marissa from Cali who claimed she got a ton of these great resale pieces she upcycled from “pile sales” where you only pay $1 per pound of merchandise, I became dreadfully envious. I am an avid resaler and am constantly on the search for the best little underground finds for new-old things for better prices. Alas, we in our nook in the midwest did not have a “buy by the pound” outlet. (whaa.)

Until now, Baby! Goodwill just opened last Thursday a Goodwill Outlet where things are either by the pound or ridiculously cheep! Soft items (clothing, bedding, knick knacks, toys, etc) are 79 cents per pound, glassware and books are 39 cents per pound, and the furniture and electronics are rock bottom! My daughter and I found out about it last Saturday when at one of the local stores, and vowed to check it out we did!

Can you see my car? I can't!

The place was packed! Even though there was several typo’s on the flier in the directions, people found their way! I had to park in the back of the building and couldn’t even see my car when I got to the corner!

Plenty of average day parking, but this was no "average day"!

As you can see, the main parking lot was completely full and had someone directing traffic.

Entre vous!

The entrance is really nice! Quite accessible for the able bodied and those who need assistance.

Woo-doggies! We are in for a ride!

And when you walk in,  you instantly get a feel for the work that lies ahead of you!

Maximum stuff-picking density!

Table after table after table…these rows can only accommodate 2 carts passing, so you get the idea of the density involved.

Yep, you can be the proud owner of this amazing piece of seating for only $1.00!!!

The furniture was super cheep! There was a solid wood hutch for $30 I wish I would have had room at home for, not to mention transportation to get home. This couch, lovely as it is with its stains and shredded arm was only $1!! Sure, you could get it for free on Craigslist, but there were more around for under $20 that were in much better repair.

Super chick in green shirt coming through with more schtuff!

I couldn’t get close fast enough for a good pic, as these people were working fast, but you can see the lady in the bright green t-shirt pushing in yet another gondola of items adding to the 2000 new items every 20 minutes they advertised during their Grand Opening weekend!

My stash! Nice, right?!!

We realized that with 2000 items coming in 3 times an hour, we would seriously never be done! After 2 hours in the store and only getting about half way through, my daughter and I got hungry and a bit weary of sorting, so we cashed out. Our items were weighed at 79 cents per pound and we hit a whopping $8.73 for our cart!

For the cost of a cheep lunch, we got: 6-7 knit tops/t-shirts, 1 pair of pants, 2 lovely printed scarf squares, 5 vinyl LP’s, 1 formal gown, the train of a lovely wedding gown with some amazing bead work at the bottom, and a full size crinoline underskirt! The LP’s will turn into bowls, and the gown and wedding train will one day be little girls princess dresses, so my hopes are that the $8.73 will be recovered plus some.

While the opening weekend was a bit manic, I have to say that I am quite happy and will most certainly return! Next time we bring a lunch!


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Multi-faceted is how I would describe what a "Wonder-V" looks like, but recently, Wonder-V has gone Ninja! My newest business venture is as a virtual/personal assistant and organizer in the St. Louis metro area! Stay tuned for lots of fun posts about work, life, building a business, and all the while being a Mom!

2 responses to “New Goodwill “Buy The Pound” Store In St. Louis”

  1. jackie says :

    um wow!! i’m just going to walk away and pretend i didn’t read this… i’m in the middle of getting RID of a bunch of crap. that place could be seriously dangerous to collect-a-holics. i know i would find 50 items that i would “need”. but how fun – it would be like a giant treasure hunt.

    • wonderv says :

      Oh, Jackie, trust me! It was a GOOD time! I have gotten better about collecting over the years, but totally understand your sitch! Good luck purging!

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